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I met an experienced Australian radio producer last month. They just look at me and find some excuse to rush through the interview and get me out of the building.

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He’s been living in Tamshui for a few months (and Taiwan for almost five years), and after completing his contract with a well-known corporate giant, he again started looking for employment in media, teaching or tutoring. Have not really taught children since age 36-37, the time when the (Taiwan) age discrimination really starts kicking in. This is a common problem with older male migrants here in Taiwan — just NO work.

But he’s having a very hard time, and has almost come to the end of his rope here. He says he finds discrimination – because of his accent (he’s not American! I know many that are totally miserable and have no hope for the future, French, Austrians, South Africans, and a few Americans – some escaping to small country towns… tutoring a few rich kids in tiny country towns, somewhere in outback Taiwan.

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