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You want to know what is actually discriminatory against women?Trying to run against someone who is hormonally much more male.After winning gold in the 2009 World Championships by beating her best by four seconds, Semenya was subjected to gender testing.She was banned from international competitions for almost a year before being cleared by the IAAF.No one gets a head start because they come from a sink estate, and there are no special lanes for recipients of free school meals. And the games are male or female (as are the bathroom facilities).

Darren Campbell, too, said something did not smell right about this decision.Far be it from me to criticise, as a mere spectator incapable of hurdling a traffic cone, but who waits two years to jump over a bar only to give it a vital height miss to conserve energy?It's hardly climbing Everest in your lunch break, is it?In these crazy times, with Trump facing down Fat Boy Kim and Google firing someone for pointing out men and women aren't the same, we turn to sport for sanity.Untainted by political correctness, we can enjoy competition in its purest form without anyone needing to be given a special certificate for effort.

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