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What I put in my mouth, in the privacy of my own home, is my choice.

I don’t know what to expect with a bot monitoring me, at the ready with immediate feedback about whatever it is I’ve just consumed. ” it says, before asking permission to integrate with my Apple Health Data.

(I haven’t yet manually logged the two-hour hike I’ve just taken.) When Lark asks if I’d like a tip for being more active, I say yes and it suggests that I drink water from a smaller glass so that I’ll have to get up more often to refill it.

It calls that a “life hack.” It’s pretty obvious that this chatbot thinks I barely move from my couch to the kitchen sink.

That’s all to say that I’m in favor of any new technologies that encourage mindful eating and better nutrition around the world.

When I calm down and return to it, Lark again recaps my average activity and offers to share thoughts about how I might increase it, allowing me to text things back in response like “How so?

(Maybe if I were a man with oversized pockets.) Or own an Apple Watch?

(Maybe if I made more money.)Next, when I click into “Customize my coach,” I’m only given the option to switch to metric units, alter Lark’s chat speed, and alert the app that I’d like to lose weight.

Formerly a sleep monitoring device, Lark was relaunched in April 2015 with full Apple Watch integration.

Without one, the only activity and sleep tracking source I can choose is my i Phone Motion Sensors. Its developers actually think that every time I get up I have my phone on my person?

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