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For the most part, we tend to understand when someone says, “online dating just isn’t for me,” despite the plethora of dating sites that are popping up seemingly every day.

But perhaps that’s just it – maybe there are simply too many sites to choose from.

All such location, order and ratings are subject to change.

Dating does not include all dating sites available to consumers in the marketplace.

Admittedly, what takes the most time is Elite Single’s compatibility test, which you take upon registering to the site.

You can view local Zooskers and give them a wink or write them a message to let them know you are interested.

A similar feature, the Carousel, let’s you riffle through profiles rapidly, deciding between “Yes,” “Maybe” or “No” for each member you see.

With such smart and personalized service features, it’s easy to see why Zoosk ranks as our #1 dating website overall.

Just be yourself – whether you’re looking for friends, a fun fling, or long-term love, Zoosk is our best option for mitigating the hassle that goes into finding a special someone.

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