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He perpetually used too much cologne and wore woefully outdated clothing from the 1970s.

Main characters[edit] Martin Payne (Martin Lawrence) Martin, the title character, is a caring family man deep down, but on the outside a very macho, selfish smart alec.

Because of his immense gut, advanced age, and oafish appearance, Otis is often taken for a weak old man who just acts tough.

Most of the other characters were last seen in Season 4 and the episodes they last appeared in seemingly wrote them out of the series.

Roscoe only appears once during the first, fifth and final season.

) Other roles played by Lawrence[edit] One of the trademark running gags of Martin, especially early in its run, was Lawrence playing multiple characters, utilizing various costumes and prosthetic appliances.

In fact, fire escapes seem to be his only means of movement throughout buildings—he is seldom seen entering or exiting the apartment through the front door tisha campbell martin dating.Preston works as an auto mechanic, and is best known for randomly breaking into song while performing his mechanical duties.Surprisingly through his buffoonish-styled wrestling, unexpected strength from Otis always catches his antagonists off guard, invariably making him the victor in the end. Pam worked at the PR firm where she was employed as Gina s assistant.Dimwitted but well-meaning and known for his eclectic taste in headgear, Cole proudly cleans jets at the airport for a living, drives an AMC Pacer, and lives with his mother Maddie until early Season Five.Shawn often does things that upset their boss Stan, and once even tried to secure a record deal from Snoop Dogg when he was at an engagement party for Martin & Gina.

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