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I rarely feel a need to write a review, unless something is really good or really bad. This is a long post, if you want to read through it feel free, but to sum up, I sent the CD back a week ago for a refund and haven't received any kind of contact from IID.

There is no customer support at all, I'll be lucky to see my again....

These are the only circumstances where I've used it to any success. If she gives it great, if not you send another message making fun of her a bit and hoping that she gives it to you then.

He then suggests how you should follow up with phone game and some tips for when you go on a date. - It is easy to implement and shows you pretty much exactly what you need to do...

And don't waste your money on Dave M's product, there is no customer support at all and there isn't much on the cd that you can't get from reading Dave M's or David D's newsletters (which are free). Either hirls just want to have a relationship online, writing back & forth, or when i went out with two of the girls, 1 was fat, and 1 turned out to be a f---ing psycho!

Saint730 I'm glad someone else agrees with me, hopefully the word will get out and other guys will be able to save their time and money.

I went through the entire program before setting up an online profile, and then went through it again as I was setting up my profile and sending out the emails.

Because the getting the number is so quick you don't have time to vibe with a girl properly before calling her... This is made worse because, although David M does describe some phone game strategies, they are far from exhaustive.

The product provides - A suggested template for a profile and a few tips on how to customise it and where to get ideas from for your modifications (e.g. ) - A couple of suggested templates for opening emails.

I live in Central PA where there are maybe a few hundred, and out of those I only found 30 through the online site that were attractive to me (slim, athletic bodies, girls who don't smoke and don't have kids...) So I sent out 30 emails, only 2 of which responded.

I did as the program suggested and followed up with the email requesting for the phone number.

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