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After catching Sonny and Alexis in bed, Carly fakes her own death.Fearing that he would lose her, Sonny re-marries Carly in July 2002.This attempt fails and just drives Carly closer to her former fling Jason. After discovering that Tony plans to leave her and get custody of the baby, Carly claims that the child was her former lover Jason's.After a bitter fight with Tony, Carly beds a drunk A. She reveals to him that she is really Caroline Leigh Benson, Bobbie's daughter.

Michael and Robin were both kidnapped by Tony Jones.

Even after she returns Carly still struggles with being able to hold or help Michael.

This leads to many heated discussions with Bobbie about her ability to be a good mother.

Jason managed to save them in the nick of time as Robin was rapidly getting sicker.

Eventually Tony Jones was prosecuted for the kidnapping, but when a jury handed down a minor sentence, Carly shot her former lover in open court and was sentenced to serve time in Shadybrook.

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