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Minya, the next city to the south, had a Chinese Lingerie Corner in a mall whose entrance featured a Koranic verse that warned against jealousy.In the remote town of Mallawi, a Chinese husband and wife were selling thongs and nightgowns across the street from the ruins of the Mallawi Museum, which, not long before the Chinese arrived, had been looted and set afire by a mob of Islamists.All three are owned by natives of Zhejiang province, in southeastern China, and they sell similar products, many of which are inexpensive, garishly colored, and profoundly impractical.There are buttless body stockings, and nightgowns that cover only one breast, and G-strings accessorized with feathers.She’s twenty-four years old but could pass for a bookish teen-ager; she wears rectangular glasses and a loose ponytail. ” she said, in heavily accented Arabic, holding up the garments. ”It was still unclear what his relationship was with the two women in niqabs.When we chatted, he said that he monitors mosques for the Ministry of Religious of Asyut sits in the heart of Upper Egypt, at a crescent-shaped bend in the Nile River, where the western bank is home to a university, a train station, approximately four hundred thousand people, and three shops in which Chinese migrants sell racy lingerie to locals. The first time I visited Asyut, I hailed a cab at the entrance of the city and asked the driver if he knew of any Chinese people in town.Without hesitation, he drove along the Nile Corniche, turned through a series of alleyways, and pointed to a sign that said, in Arabic, “Chinese Lingerie.” The two other shops, China Star and Noma China, are less than a block away.

This is one reason that the market for clothing is so profitable: Egyptian women need two separate wardrobes, for their public and their private lives.For a Westerner, though, it often has the opposite effect.I can’t pick up basic information—how old somebody is, what expression she has on her face—and inevitably my imagination starts to fill in the gaps. Was one to be dressed in red, and the other in blue, for Valentine’s Day?There are see-through tops decorated with plastic gold coins that dangle from chains.Brand names include Laugh Girl, Shady Tex Lingerie, Hot Love Italy Design, and Sexy Fashion Reticulation Alluring.

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