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My mom is an amazing example of how to love.'Gwen had advised him to stick closely to the original song's melody, saying of her team member: 'America is seeing his artistry and gravitating towards him because he is the real deal.'After his performance, she added: 'I'm very proud of you — I'm very proud that I get to know you and get to watch you do your art in front of America.''I had such a blast tonight, honestly,' he smiled after his coach praised him for looking so 'comfortable' onstage.

' Wynonna told her, explaining: 'Blake texted me and said, 'We're doing your song' and I was like, 'Tell her I'll call her.''I want you to sing this song the way you interpret it.

Chris Blue's mother went one step further than just meeting her son's coach and called Alicia Keys her son's 'second mama' — and gave her permission to punish him.'I give you my belt — you're the second mama,' she told her, cracking up the coach and embarrassing her son in the process.'I love a good whooping,' Alicia laughed, clapping her hands as she laughed,'Oh my gosh!

' Chris said, telling his mom: 'You promised you wouldn't embarrass me!

Alicia also had high praise for Chris.'I don't even know you had this in you!

' she told him, adding excitedly: 'You just showed me and America that you are unstoppable!

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