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Samantha drifts off and is told to remove her clothing, she follows her orders, but when she's given further instructions this bad hypnotherapists plans become undone!Keywords: humiliation, humiliate, humiliated, humiliating, forcedstripping, stripping, stripped, strip, fetish, nude, nudity, naked, domination, hypnotherapy, samantha File Name: Samantha Visited By A Bad File Size: 221.5 MB Runtime: Format: Windows Media Resolution: 1280x720 pixels --------------------------- Samantha_Visited_By_A_Bad_--------------------------- Sexy Sophie Seeks Revenge on Miss Davis!Samantha ends up bent all the way over with her butt over her head, another position he gets the nude and vulnerable Samantha in is with her arms above her head with her legs spread wide open, he runs his Geiger counter over her, they're just about to leave via the exits when Samantha realises that something is not quite right!Clip contains forced stripping, humiliation, domination, female domination, embarrassment, naked/nudity, pranks, homour, blondes, apocalyptic and strip-tease.Keywords: humiliation, humiliate, humiliated, humiliating, forcedstripping, strip, stripped, domination, femaledomination, dominated, nudity, naked, maidfetish, embarrassment, samantha File Name: Maid Samantha's New File Size: 269.8 MB Runtime: Format: Windows Media Resolution: 1280x720 pixels --------------------------- Maid_Samantha's_New_--------------------------- Samantha's Left Humiliated And Exposed!Samantha is attending a lingerie shoot, which her agent booked for her, but he didn't read the small print because frankly he couldn't careless as long as he gets his commission!Keywords: femaledomination, femaletraining, femalespanking, humiliating, humiliation, humiliate, humiliated, forcedstripping, otkspanking, spanking, spankingff, maidfetish, cp, corporalpunishment, sophie File Name: Housemaid Sophie Gets Stripped And File Size: 128.0 MB Runtime: Format: Windows Media Resolution: 1280x720 pixels --------------------------- Housemaid_Sophie_Gets_Stripped_And_--------------------------- Jojo Humiliated For Getting Flabby Jojo is brought into the room, totally naked, blindfolded, ball-gagged and on a leash!

Sophie has broken nearly all of the house rules and must be punished!

Not only that but he wants to see every angle of her in the skimpy little dress while she cleans the house, this man is clearly using his power over his maid to extort her and there's nothing she can do about it!

Clip containshumiliation, forced stripping, domination, female domination, bribery, naked/nudity, extortion, maid fetish, embarrassment and blondes.

Scared an confused Samantha is in no mood to argue with this odd individual, but just how far will he be able to go?

Keywords: humiliation, humiliate, humiliated, humiliating, forcedstripping, strip, stripped, stripping, grope, groping, nude, nudity, naked, domination, femaletraining File Name: Cab Queue File Size: 157.4 MB Runtime: Format: Windows Media Resolution: 1280x720 pixels --------------------------- Cab_Queue_--------------------------- Dorm Inspection Uncovers Sophie's Dirty Habits It's inspection time!!

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