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The myth of the French girl remains the same; what's different is that it's never been easier to both achieve it, and profit from it, whether you're French or not.And so, as long as there are French girls, we will find ways to be like them.We find ourselves wanting to do everything "like a French girl," simply because there is a way in which French girls do things.That is to say: there is arguably no unified sense of taste for American girls, which is, of course, ultimately what makes America the place that it is.We asked everyone for some guidance on navigating one of the greatest cities in the world and Damas was a treasure trove of the kind of information only true a native can provide.Below, a map of the city according to the incomparable Jeanne Damas.

"The French girl does not eat quickly her yogurt," a French-accented voiceover says in one commercial.While the "like a French girl" trope produces more eye-rolls each time it's used, and may feel like it has reached its saturation point, it's never going away simply because we don't want it to.As free as Americans think we are do to as we please, we still crave being told how to dress and what to eat. She is a part-time model, an amateur photographer, a fashion designer, and the proud owner of a rather beautiful, rather cranky cat.Her Instagram feed (followed by over 600K acolytes) is peppered with images of Damas reclining on the balcony of her new apartment, clips from fashion shows and events she attends, snaps of her crew (which alternately includes Emily Ratajkowski and other extremely cute models), and BTS shots from her clothing line, Rouje.

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