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Important note: Skype for Business works best when you are only signed in to one device at a time.This is because by default Skype for Business will send your communications to one endpoint or device—whichever it thinks that you are currently using.If you insist on pulling chat out of Facebook Mobile, you will also suck the real-time nature out of the social platform for millions of users. Why didn’t you ask some of the people who like you what they thought of this idea? Facebook: We have tested this in a handful of countries for the last several months and found that people enjoy the Messenger experience — it’s faster than messaging in the core app, and Messenger has features that aren’t available in the core app like the Groups tab.You can’t force people to install Facebook Messenger, so they may simply leave to find another platform with better real-time communications features. Facebook: Messenger was rebuilt from the ground up to be an instant mobile-to-mobile communications platform for people who want to be reachable at all times — we've found that people get replies 20% faster on Messenger than on Facebook. (We’re also testing a new composer that includes a selfie cam and more ways to express yourself.) Seriously, I assume you want me running both the Facebook app and Messenger at the same time.Tap the meeting's title, and then tap Participants.When you’re attending a Skype for Business Meeting or an ad-hoc audio or video conference call with three or more people, you can view shared Power Point presentations and screen sharing.

I love having the little heads pop up on my screen when it’s time to chat, being able to drag and drop them and even being able to deep-six them when I’m done.

Facebook reached me with some clarifications and opposing views. I already have way too many installed and recently did some app spring cleaning to sort out the mess.

In the spirit of transparency, and because I find them quite illuminating, I'm placing them below, in place with each of the points addressed by Facebook] Facebook is making what could be its dumbest decision ever: It’s pulling chat out of the core Facebook app and forcing mobile users who want to chat to install its Facebook Messenger app. If I add Facebook Messenger, I’m unlikely to use it often enough to want to keep it. To be fair, it does have a lot of positive reviews on i Tunes.

This isn’t possible on i OS and Chats Heads were built in the main i OS app because it was a quick and fun way to access your messages.

I assume that the little green button, the one that indicates someone is live on Facebook will remain, but now when I tap it in Facebook, a second app will load.

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