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It is a pity that this year I could not commit my time to ASV-Gay but I am surely grateful for the experience.

In addition, I have also had some experience with gay sport clubs in Amsterdam.

Gay community The gay community in Amsterdam is truly amazing for its liveliness.

There are plenty of groups, clubs, associations, and organizations for gay people here.

Furthermore, I once tried synchronize swimming for fun with some ASV-Gay members at Amsterdam gay swimming club.

That was a very interesting learning experience, after which I had so much respect for synchronize swimmers.

The dating scene is great with a diversity of colours and sizes, however the dating culture is unfortunately not so pretty sometimes.

I guess that is why even though the club does not have a lot of players, the people who run it work really hard to maintain it and the people who plays there do not want to leave.Yes I like sport and I am gay, so it couldn’t get any better.I played badminton at Amsterdam Gay badminton club for one summer and took part in a big Europe gay badminton tournament in Amsterdam.Besides all the fun stuff, I volunteered for Aids Healthcare Foundation in Amsterdam for 3 years (not saying that this is not fun, but it is more of a work).I got to learn how to deliver HIV tests, to educate people about AIDS, to go to different gay prides in Europe to hand out condoms, to be strangely surrounded by heavy-metal gay fans in a club, and to take a photo of Conchita Wurst.

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