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Brazilian Blowout residue remains in the hair for weeks, so when those same clients came back for another wash, the heat from the blow dryer released the formaldehyde.(Arce felt uncomfortable revealing the names of the employers and co-workers she says continued to use Brazilian Blowout.“I don’t want to hurt their business in any way,” she says.) Arce continued to get sicker, occasionally breaking out in rashes and coughing up blood.Trips to the doctor, covered by insurance through her husband’s job, became almost as routine as trips to the salon. “If I get exposed, in order to even breathe I have to use the inhalers,” says Arce, who wouldn’t consider changing careers, despite her persistent ailments. * * * Brazilian Blowout first appeared on the market almost six years ago, at the Argyle Salon & Spa in West Hollywood, California.OSHU researchers found that Brazilian Blowout contained a significant amount of formaldehyde. But last year, readers of magazine, the premier publication for beauty professionals, voted Brazilian Blowout the Best Professional Smoothing Treatment for the third year in a row.

Arce says her new boss also immediately banned Brazilian Blowout, but that some of her new co-workers traveled to their clients’ homes to apply it there.

Her doctor, who had never previously heard any complaints about Brazilian Blowout, said she might have chemical poisoning and prescribed an inhaler.

Turning to the Internet, Arce found a product warning on the website of Oregon Health and Science University.

A Portland-area salon had alerted OHSU’s toxicology center about Brazilian Blowout several months earlier.

The salon’s workers had suffered symptoms similar to those Arce experienced.

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