Starview box keeps updating data

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Since then, I’ve been keeping my eye on developments on this front, hoping that I am proven right that NTL will actually find a way to prevent this.

So far, everything NTL do to counteract this has been simply a waste of time.

Lost Māori Television (Channel 5) and Te Reo (Channel 15)?

That's because there's a new version of these channels, now in HD!

According to data from the 2013 Survey of Online Learning study from Babson, 90% of academic leaders believe that it is likely that a majority of all college students will be taking at least one online course in five years time.

I’m sure it would be a nightmare for most users of the box to find out ways to get round these changes, but for the technical savvy, it’s a simple task.

Attorney-General Martin Pakula said offenders over the age of 18 would no longer be sentenced to youth detention, and would instead be sent to adult prison."For those who are aged 18–21 who currently are eligible for the dual-track system, where they can serve their time in the youth justice facilities, that will no longer be available to them except in the most exceptional circumstances," Mr Pakula said."The dual-track system will still be available for those people 18–21 who are at the less serious scale of offending, but for those who commit very serious crimes or who commit serious crimes more than once and are over 18 years of age, they should not be able to presume that they will do their time in a youth justice centre."Earlier this month, the Government was ordered by the Supreme Court to remove teenage detainees from the maximum security adult prison at Barwon, after the court found their detention there was unlawful.

While scathing of the apparent move away from rehabilitation to more punitive measures, Mr de Kretser praised moves to introduce a youth diversion program.

A few months ago, I wrote about these new Starview boxes that allow you to get access to all NTL digitals channels, with a basic NTL analogue connection (illegally of course).

I did my own research at that stage and found that they worked a dream.

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