Teenage boys and perception on dating

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“He was drinking and he probably isn’t sure that you’re interested. It can segue into an unbalanced relationship, and the possibility of being used by someone for a mere steady hook-up.Reaching out over the phone, email, text, instant messenger, or via some social media site when you are just starting to talk to a guy, not only sends the message that you are chasing him, it also robs you of the opportunity to assess if he is truly interested in pursing a relationship with you.He’s likely to coast under the speed limit, and never passes on an opportunity to wave another driver ahead of him.He’s not the most confident guy, and most definitely a people-pleaser, but there is nothing wrong with that.

He’s likely to put your feelings first in your relationship, which is good, but he can also put other people (your friends, your neighbor, your neighbor’s dog) before your relationship, as well.Then, one day, one of my friends grew tired of hearing how much I like this guy and while we were out at a local dive bar, she grabbed his arm and pulled him over. “Jessica, this is hot-guy-you-have-been-pining-over-for-almost-a-year.” No, she didn’t really say that. Hot guy smiled at me, shook my hand, and said, “You wanna dance? He wasn’t interested in me and although it took a while to get over that fact, at least he didn’t feign attraction or take advantage of my infatuation.” The rest of the night was a happy blur of events. Hot guy never left my side, ran to fill my beverage, sat with his arm around me, and then walked me to my car and asked to exchange numbers. I was officially going to date hot guy and this was the beginning of what would be a beautiful relationship…so I thought. My dorm-mates boyfriend convinced me that calling hot guy couldn’t hurt, but if he had taken my call, asked me to come over, hooked up with me and never talked to me again, that would have definitely caused me pain.For example, does he put the pedal to the metal, speeding down streets, cutting people off in attempt to get where he’s going fast?If that’s his typical behind-the-wheel behavior then you are dealing with someone who thinks he owns the road. Typically, this kind of guy always thinks he’s in the right, and has little regard for other people’s feelings.

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