Tvxq dating on earth eng sub

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If ypu have not listended to them here are some great songs Rising sun(one of my favorite video) v=FRMo Ic Y9gt I The way you are(one of their first musikvideos)

v=e_EO_y YODXA Xiah because he's even more handsome and is a good singer/dancer!

but during the first time of our script reading rehearsal, all my worries were gone.

The decision to take on such a role as this, shocked pretty much everyone.

I LOVE MICKY YOO CHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ THE ONE ON THE LEFT BOTTOM/BLUE] [color="#4B0000"][font="Book Antiqua"]Hi its been along time ...

Iam offically a BIG fan of DBSK and I wish i became a cassopia member -.- will these one of my favorait pic have fun[/font][/color] splendid cute!!

In 2010, Park Yoochun, former member of kpop super group TVXQ!

and current member of the then newly formed group JYJ, left the world of singing, dancing and touring to embark on a new challenge; he turned his hand to acting.

i'll pose up their info when i come back later on... which one and what songs do you like from them and have you seen their new drama "VACATION" & "Dating on Earth".....

^^ Has anyone also ever seen their Mini drama: Unforgettable Girl?

is yunho and jajejong have some kind of gay thing going around them?

tried to learn it, but got only the beging part ) and the 2nd one is Rising Sun (especially the part where the "nah, nah, nah, nah nah" lol!! Now to my favorites: 1) Yun Ho 2) Xiah 3) Micky 4)Max ...

I used to be C_R_A_Z_Y about them, and so was my friend, but the craziness died down a bit (for now at least) But I would have to say that My favorite songs by them are: Ballons (because it's such a happy song and amazing cute dancing!!

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