Who is katelyn tarver dating 2016

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She happily married David Blaise on July 19, 2014 in Los Angeles amongst family and close friends.With a rising music career, a beautiful wedding, and her singing talents on the rise, Katelyn Tarver began to focus on her new single releases and her upcoming album set to be released late this year or early next year. She premiered her singles “Nobody Like You” and “Weekend Millionaires” along with a feature on “You” by Lost Kings in 2015.I was asking a lot of questions at the time which are reflected in the chorus of the song… But, there seems to be this widely held idea that it’s a better choice to keep your options open when it comes to love. First, if it seems to be hard right off the bat, maybe it’s just not the right fit.I am almost always met with shock when I tell someone I’m married. There’s nothing worse than holding on to something for too long when you know in your gut, it’s just not working.I was a couple years into dating my now husband and it had hit that point that every relationship eventually hits. ” There’s so much pressure to choose the right person and live the right life and work the right job that, ultimately, it can feel paralyzing.You’ve both shown the uglier sides of yourself and you’re wondering if the other person is going to stick around. I think it makes it hard to commit to someone when you’re constantly confronted with the idea that maybe there’s someone better for you somewhere else. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to focus on yourself and meet different types of people and figure out who you are. But at some point, I think it can keep you from seeing the beauty in commitment and sacrifice and that there’s a lot of fun and freedom in that, too. Every person is so different, therefore every relationship is so different. It can be a tough call to make but, there are a couple of questions/thoughts I like to consider.A rising “it girl” in Los Angeles, Katelyn has learned how to beautifully blend pop and indie beats together with her flawless vocals.Performance wise, she spends a lot of her time in Los Angeles working on her music and putting on occasional live performances in the area.

I’ve always been fascinated by people and relationships and how they work. Is it actually possible to love someone your whole life? Today I thought I’d take time to spotlight an artist who I personally love and have followed for years.Her name is Katelyn Tarver and I believe that she was destined to produce and sing great music.Katelyn was born in Glennville, Georgia and was drawn to Los Angeles for the star potential.She had humble beginnings on the show “American Juniors,” a reality TV singing competition show that was a spinoff of American Idol.

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