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But never let it be said I can't do one thing just as well as she can: find a deal.

Ray's tourist-on--a-day schtick is great, but you still have to fly to some vacation destination to put it to use, which makes it more like 0 a day.

"We understand the situation we're in right now, we can't take this lightly," says Cooper.

"Regardless of whether or not we live on Wall Street, it affects Fayetteville Street at the end of the day.

"The Research Triangle, because of our colleges and universities, we're like nirvana of free information, ideas, lectures, entertainment. If going directly from Fiesta Grill, drive back east on Highway 54 for a quarter-mile, then take a left on Dodsons Crossroads, which you'll stay on for 3.5 miles until you hit Dairyland Road and take a right.

Make the money, don't let it make you." Laura Bingham President, Peace College Raleigh Use all available resources: "This is kind of nerdy, but [when I was a student] I would actually ask my parents to greet and serve a quiet dinner at our home.Second, the panel: The Indy consulted three local experts with particular insight into the 17-to-22-year-old crowd: Laura Bingham, alumna and president of Peace College; Geoffrey Cooper, editor of N. Central University's student paper, The Campus Echo; and best-selling writer Sarah Dessen of Chapel Hill, who has more 1.5 million young-adult novels in print. A lot of people think they have to spend money to have a good time, but I don't think that's the case....Here's what they would do to stretch their dating dollar ... Simplicity stands out the most to me." eoffrey Cooper, halfway through his final year at NCCU in Durham, hesitates for less than a nanosecond when asked about the current economic downturn."When we were in school, we were always looking for something that was really good to eat that you could get a lot for your money. I think if you're on a first date you're wanting to share as much as you can, you know, get close to that idea of being in something together and having a common experience." Even today, literally a million book sales later, Dessen has a favorite date she and her husband do: It's a field trip of sorts, suitable for a student or anyone seeking something new at lunch or dinnertime.First, drive out to Dessen's current Mexican hangout, Fiesta Grill, located outside Carrboro on Highway 54.

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